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  • 3500T Die Casting

    From10mm to 1800mm led lighting housing and led display cabinet

  • CnC machine

    Txh can do small size to large size small batch component


    Material composition test,SGS pull test ,CMM test

  • Tooling Make

    TXH Can do Die Casting mold, stamping mold, fixture.

  • 18 years exp. in led display industry

    I see. You want me to expand the sentence you provided to about 600 characters. Here is a possible way to do that:

    TXH is a professional company that provides high-quality tooling, die casting and cnc machining services for various industries. We have extensive experience and expertise in working with LED, LCD and laser products, and we have established long-term partnerships with many innovative and reputable manufacturers in these fields. We can handle any project size and complexity, and we can deliver customized solutions that meet your specifications and expectations. Whether you need tooling design, die casting production, cnc machining processing, or quality inspection, we can offer you the best service and quality at competitive prices.

  • Solar New Energy

    We offer a wide range of enclosures for solar inverters that can meet your needs and preferences. Whether you need a ready-made inverter enclosure that is easy to install and use, or a custom inverter enclosure that is tailored to your specific requirements, we have it all. Our enclosures are made of high-quality materials, such as die-cast aluminum, CNC machined steel, or 3D printed plastic, that can withstand harsh weather conditions and protect your inverter from dust, moisture, heat and other environmental factors. Our enclosures are also designed to be weatherproof, IP rated, industrial grade, compact and affordable. You can choose from different sizes, shapes, colors and features to suit your solar inverter model and application. Contact us today to get a quote for your solar controller inverter enclosure.

  • 20 years exp. in led light

    TXH do custom die casting ,stamping housing for street light, LED Plant Grow lighting, ETC

  • Design

    Converting design sketches into producible product structures. Optimize the entire manufacturing system, reduce production costs,
    shorten production time, and improve both producibility and work efficiency.

  • Manufacturing

    (DFM) is the study of the relationship between a product and manufacturing system, and it involves incorporating manufacturing considerations such as feasibility, tooling, Die Casting CnC machining,Assembly processes,

  • Ready-to ship cabinet

    We have a large inventory of ready-made parts that can be flexibly used in both standard and custom applications: Quick Lock , pins,Empty Die Casting Cabinet :600*337,640*480,480*480,500*500mm